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Blog. Bindungslehre

19 August 2019

Attachment Theory - How your childhood affects your life

Bindungstheorie - Wie deine Kindheit dein Leben beeinflusst

How to change maladaptive attachment patterns?

11 August 2019

The Cure for Shyness - How to change internalised models

31 July 2019

The Therapy Relationship

20 July 2019

Where does the Critical Inner Voice come from?

6 July 2019

When Thought is mistaken for Fact ...

16 June 2019

You aren't at the mercy of your emotions -- your brain creates them.

Blog. Brain Development

6 June 2019

What is Developmental Trauma?

The brain is meant to develop like a ladder, from the bottom-up. When stress responses (typically due to consistent neglect or abuse) are repeatedly activated over an extended period in an infant or toddler, sequential development of the brain is disturbed. The ladder develops, but foundational steps are missing and many things that follow are out of kilter.


https://beaconhouse.org.uk/useful-resources/ (Image)

30 May 2019

What does empathy have to do with our political decision making? (only in German)

Wir werden uns noch wundern, was alles geht.

25 May 2019

The Psychology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

11 May 2019

The Still Face Experiment

29 April 2019

Therapy saved a refugee child. Fifty years on, Peter Fonagy is leading a mental health revolution.


27 April 2019

Did you used to be R D Laing?

Blog. ManRay

13 April 2019

The Need to Belong

People’s sense of social belonging, or their sense that they have good relationships with others, is a fundamental human need.

The Power of Social Belonging: https://www.psychologyinaction.org/psychology-in-action-1/2015/09/24/the-power-of-social-belonging

Artwork: Man Ray, Silhouette

6 April 2019

The Repetition Compulsion: Why people live in dysfunctional patterns

23 March 2019

Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body?

11 March 2019

"Some of the worst things in my life never even happened." Mark Twain

Watch the video by Tara Brach "How to halt anxiety before it becomes chronic"

2 March 2019

A new study finds, that the presence of humor during therapy sessions is associated with improved outcomes. Read more...

Humor Associated With Positive Outcomes in Individual Psychotherapy

9 February 2019

The True and The False Self - A Concept by Donald Winnicott


Blog. Neural Pathways

3 February 2019

"The Neuroscience of Attachment"

In the article, Linda Graham quotes from a SEPI conference on attachment and relationship:
“All this talk therapy is just an excuse to hang out long enough for the relationship to do the healing.”

Read more:

16 January 2019

How To Make Stress Your Friend?

Kelly McGonigal, an American health psychologist, gives an interesting speech about the positive aspects of stress.

How To Make Stress Your Friend?

8 January 2019

THE BRAIN - A Quick and Simple Way to Think about the Brain"

The brain is considered the most complex of organs. But how is it structured?


The Ability of the Brain to Reorganize Itself

Look at this infographic to learn how the brain changes and when neuroplasticity occurs.


Blog. Change

1 January 2019

Happy New Year!

The Psychology Of Dealing With Change

Practicing different ways of thinking and being in the world can boost your ability to deal with change and help you create a life that is adaptive to new places and unexpected events.


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