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16 March 2020

Coronavirus - How to Protect your Mental Health


14 February 2020

Trust Your Gut - The Vagus Nerve, largely responsible for the Mind-Body Connection

Read the Beginner's Guide to Polyvagal Theory:

23 January 2020

Russell Brand explains what GASLIGHTING is.

27 December 2019

The Mirror Stage
The young child's identification with his own image, a stage that occurs anywhere between the 6th and 18th month of age.

20 December 2019

How To Forgive ...

9 December 2019

Esther Perel on Ghosting, Icing and Simmering in Relationships

13 November 2019

The Importance of Breakdown
"A breakdown is not merely a random piece of madness or malfunction. It is a very real - albeit very inarticulate bid for health. It is an attempt by one part of our minds to force the other into a process of growth, self-understanding and self-development which had has hitherto refused to undertake. If we can put it paradoxically, it's an attempt to jumpstart a process of getting well - properly well through a stage of falling very ill."

Blog. Autumn

13 October

Rainer Maria Rilke

Herr, es ist Zeit. Der Sommer war sehr groß.
Leg deinen Schatten auf die Sonnenuhren,
und auf den Fluren lass die Winde los.

Befiehl den letzten Früchten, voll zu sein;
gib ihnen noch zwei südlichere Tage,
dränge sie zur Vollendung hin, und jage
die letzte Süße in den schweren Wein.

Wer jetzt kein Haus hat, baut sich keines mehr.
Wer jetzt allein ist, wird es lange bleiben,
wird wachen, lesen, lange Briefe schreiben
und wird in den Alleen hin und her
unruhig wandern, wenn die Blätter treiben.

Autumn Day

Lord: it is time. The summer was immense.
Lay your long shadows on the sundials,
and on the meadows let the winds go free.
Command the last fruits to be full;
give them just two more southern days,
urge them on to completion and chase
the last sweetness into the heavy wine.
Who has no house now, will never build one.
Who is alone now, will long remain so,
will stay awake, read, write long letters
and will wander restlessly up and down
the tree-lines streets, when the leaves are drifting.

English: (C) Edward Snow 1991

12 September 2019

What Causes Anxiety And Depression?

7 September 2019

The Fight Flight Freeze Response

30 August 2019

Our Secret Fantasies

11 August 2019

The Cure for Shyness - How to change internalised models

31 July 2019

The Therapy Relationship

20 July 2019

Where does the Critical Inner Voice come from?

6 July 2019

When Thought is mistaken for Fact ...

Blog. Brain Development

6 June 2019

What is Developmental Trauma?

The brain is meant to develop like a ladder, from the bottom-up. When stress responses (typically due to consistent neglect or abuse) are repeatedly activated over an extended period in an infant or toddler, sequential development of the brain is disturbed. The ladder develops, but foundational steps are missing and many things that follow are out of kilter.


https://beaconhouse.org.uk/useful-resources/ (Image)

11 May 2019

The Still Face Experiment

Blog. ManRay

13 April 2019

The Need to Belong

People’s sense of social belonging, or their sense that they have good relationships with others, is a fundamental human need.

The Power of Social Belonging: https://www.psychologyinaction.org/psychology-in-action-1/2015/09/24/the-power-of-social-belonging

Artwork: Man Ray, Silhouette

6 April 2019

The Repetition Compulsion: Why people live in dysfunctional patterns

9 February 2019

The True and The False Self - A Concept by Donald Winnicott


Blog. Neural Pathways

3 February 2019

"The Neuroscience of Attachment"

In the article, Linda Graham quotes from a SEPI conference on attachment and relationship:
“All this talk therapy is just an excuse to hang out long enough for the relationship to do the healing.”

Read more:

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