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I am a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and counsellor in Twickenham, London Borough of Richmond. I work face-to-face with people in my consulting room at Ash House in Twickenham which is easily accessible by public transports and in walking distance from Twickenham Green, Strawberry Hill Train Station and several bus stops.

In therapy with my clients, I strive to create a safe and warm atmosphere which encourages discussion and dialogue.

In Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy we try to bring unconscious processes into awareness. We explore how earlier and earliest relationships with significant others impact on the way we feel, think and behave in the present. Once these patterns and internalised models can be recognized by developing insight and understanding, which is often the easier part of therapy, the process of change can begin. The process of change can be lengthy and painful as we tend to hold on to familiar internalised models and don't want to let go of them to avoid experiencing a sense of loss. Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological strategies which protect a person from becoming too anxious and overwhelmed.

Often people cut the process short by leaving therapy after they have gained enough understanding about their thoughts and behaviour. But in order to change our internal patterns we need to explore new ways of relating by taking "risks" and trying something new. For example, people with a tendency to leave relationships or work places after experiencing frustration or rejection, may need to practice to "stay" and learn how to contain their anxieties. Anxious people with a tendency to cling on to and depend on significant others may need to learn to make decisions on their own and gain enough internal security to live a healthier and freer life.

The exploration of internalised models, the working through defense mechanisms and the process of change take time. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is not considered to be a "quick fix" - it can last from several months up to several years and requires regular attendance and commitment.

If you have any more questions about the process or would like to arrange a first session, please get in touch.

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