Elisabeth Auer Relational Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Counselling in Twickenham

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Professional Background

I have been working as a psychotherapist for more than 6 years. My training is in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and I am currently working towards accreditation with UKCP, the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

My professional background is in teaching and education. After my Matura (A-levels) in Austria, I qualified as a teacher for Secondary School. I have been involved in teaching children and adults ever since, specializing in German as a Foreign Language.

When I became a mother in 2005, I decided to undergo psychotherapy myself. By doing this, I gained a greater insight into how our subjective experience is shaped. I became interested in how the earliest relationships with our primary caregivers shape the way in which we feel, behave and relate in later life. These insights motivated me to dig deeper into this subject matter.

In my work, I integrate relational psychoanalytic psychotherapy, attachment theory, insights from neuroscience and -biology and developmental psychology, but also philosophy and other disciplines.

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